The Duane Lester Show #9 – Interviews with Kim Paris, Carl Bearden and Michael Turk Tells a Story

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Kinder Gets $10,000 from Danforth – Will Other Schweich Supporters Follow?

Kinder2012 (1)Former Sen. John Danforth has apparently made his decision: he’s backing Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder in the 2016 Governor’s race:

Former U.S. Sen. Jack Danforth this week donated $10,000 to three-term Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder.

The contribution was made Monday, according to the state Ethics Commission, which tracks campaign checks.

Danforth remains influential just because of his long career in Missouri politics, which dates to the 1960s. But more recently, Danforth was a key backer of former state Auditor Tom Schweich who also was running for governor until he committed suicide in February. Danforth, an Episcopal priest, delivered the eulogy for Schweich.

Danforth didn’t issue any statements about his backing of Kinder, who faces a crowded GOP primary field. But his support may signal a direction for former Schweich backers.

Indeed, and if it is a signal, it’s also a game-changing signal. Kinder has incredible name recognition across the state and is already polling first or second in many of the state polls. One area he was behind in, though, was fundraising.

This could be the beginning of the end of that problem. If so, the race could be Kinder’s to lose.

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The Paradigm Shift – There’s No Such Thing As Crony Capitalism (Video)

God bless Mark Levin. To be honest with you, I love his work. I do. I’m a Mark Levin fan. For my money, I don’t know if it gets any better than when he starts ranting about the establishment Republicans. I celebrate the guy’s entire catalog. One thing he does on his show is rename people and institutions. For example, he doesn’t call the Chamber of Commerce the Chamber of Commerce. He calls them the Chamber of Crony Capitalism.

The Chamber, you see, loves them some big government handouts. They aren’t about free markets and capitalism. They are actually working to oust some of the more conservative, free market Republicans who might get in the way of the Chamber’s designs on your money.

Now, here’s the Paradigm Shift. As much as I love Mark, I have to correct him. See, there’s no such thing as crony capitalism. Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, where mutually beneficial agreements are made between free people for profit. No force is involved. No one is made to buy something they don’t want for more than they want to pay. No one is made to sell anything to anyone for less than they want to sell it for. No force is involved in capitalism. None. Government’s only role in capitalism is to protect the rights of the individual.

Cronyism is a different story. Cronyism depends on the use of force to loot the property of one person, or group of people, in this case let’s call them “taxpayers,” and then redistribute it to another person or group of people, also known as cronies. Unlike capitalism, government has a much larger role to play in cronyism. Government’s role here is to take from the masses, give it to their cronies and tell everyone it’s a stimulus or part of a green jobs program or something like that.

It’s also known as corporatism or mercantilism, but it certainly isn’t capitalism. It can’t be. Again, there’s no force in capitalism. Capitalism is completely voluntary. No one is looted. No one is forced to surrender their property because the powers that be decide another protected group deserves it more than the people that created it.
Let’s be clear. There’s no cronyism in capitalism and there’s no capitalism in cronyism. The use of force to redistribute property makes it impossible.

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Sen. Ted Cruz’s EPIC Speech at AFP’s 2015 Defending the American Dream Summit (Video)

I don’t think I’ve made it public here, but I’m a supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz. Were the election today, he’d get my vote.

From the reception he received and the reaction to his speech, I believe it’s safe to say I was among friends at this year’s Defending the American Dream Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

Cruz opened the day’s speeches in the main room, and he owned the crowd. I manned the press stage with my camera and watched all the speeches. Rubio was off, but Perry was on.

Cruz, however, killed it.

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PRESS RELEASE: Missouri Alliance for Freedom Issues Statement on the alleged connection between Planned Parenthood and University of Missouri

MAFFlastRyan Johnson, President of Missouri Alliance for Freedom, today issued the following statement on a letter from Senator Kurt Schaefer to University of Missouri Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, on the claim that University of Missouri Health Care is the hospital in question enabling abortion services at the Planned Parenthood facility in Columbia:

“The University of Missouri is a cherished institution. Tens of thousands of Missourians of all political stripes count their years at MIZZOU among their best.” said Ryan Johnson, President of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom, a conservative public interest group. “However, it is shameful news that this publicly-funded entity, that has received billions of taxpayer funds over the years, may be enabling abortion services at Planned Parenthood in Columbia. In light of the expose of Planned Parenthood’s grotesque business practices, which includes the trafficking of aborted baby body parts, it is unconscionable that a revered institution such as the University of Missouri system would allow themselves to be associated with Planned Parenthood. It also raises serious questions about why DHSS Director Gail Vasterling withheld this information from the Committee on the Sanctity of Life which continues to investigate Planned Parenthood in Missouri.”

The Missouri Alliance for Freedom is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to advance the interests of Missouri by protecting and growing individual, religious, and economic liberty. MAF encourages policy that secures personal freedom and a free economy through legislative participation, grassroots organization, issue advocacy and constituent education and training in addition to issuing an annual legislative score card.

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The Duane Lester Show #8: Pre-Debate Discussion and Thomas LaDuke Tells Us a Story About Giving Andrew Breitbart a Tour of Detroit

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