Just got this in my email:

The City of Maryville, Missouri regrets that is has gained national and international attention as a result of this incidents and subsequent actions that followed. This is a small community where everyone knows their neighbors, and caring for and protecting those around you are common practice, not the exception to the rule. We hope that people who are looking at this incident from afar will cease to rush judgment to condemn the City administration, its Public Safety Department and its citizens. The actions of an isolated few are tarnishing the image of our city; a heartland city, a city where people built their lives from the ground up.

The investigation into this sexual assault case was not conducted by the City or the Maryville Public Safety Department. Our Public Safety Chief, Keith Wood, has faithfully served the City for 24 years, and his conduct is beyond reproach. The outcome of this case lies not with the City of Maryville, but with the judicial system and the county prosecutor. In regards to the fire that destroyed the Coleman’s home, it was fortunate that there was no loss of life. Maryville’s volunteer fire service responded to the burning home and did their best to extinguish the fire in short order. Unfortunately, the home was destroyed and due to its location, further investigation rests with the Nodaway County Sherriff’s Office.

This is a devastating situation for all those involved. Young lives have been changed forever. Going forward, it is essential for our community, the State of Missouri, and the nation to come together to teach our children how to respect each other and themselves. This was an unfortunate incident that has cast a shadow over the City of Maryville. We hope those who have been critical of the City and the community will realize we are good people, with good values, and allow the justice system to run its course so we all can find a peaceful resolution.


Greg McDanel
City Manager