Mark Ficken, the superintendent of the Boonville Public School in Boonville, Missouri, has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the Missouri State Fair rodeo brouhaha:

Albert Watkins, an attorney for Boonville superintendent Mark Ficken, said Wednesday that an investigation by the school district found Ficken was not involved in inappropriate actions or statements.

Ficken was an announcer at the rodeo but has said he was unaware a clown was going to rile up the crowd to watch a bull charge a man wearing an Obama mask. Some initial media reports attributed the remarks to the announcer, not the rodeo clown.

It wasn’t just the media. Rep. Stacy Newman flat out called Ficken a racist on Twitter:

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet, just in case she goes back and deletes it, ala Sen. Jamilah Nasheed.


As you can see, Newman is another liberal state legislator who has blocked me, so I can’t ask her on Twitter if she’s going to apologize to Mr. Ficken for calling him a racist.

But you can. Just click here and ask her.


Three hours, and multiple tweets later, Rep. Stacey Newman hasn’t issued any statement on her defamation of Dr. Mark Ficken. I left a message with her office seeking a comment. I’ll update when I get one. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting, though.