Somewhere in the Missouri Department of Transportation is a person who one day thought, “You know what might make people slow down?  Blasting ear splitting sirens at them in work zones.”

That person took that stroke of genius up the MODOT chain of command, where it was embraced.

That’s right.  Embraced:

Good news! For people that like speeding in work zones! The Missouri Department of Transportation just acquired two Long Range Acoustic Devices, or LRADs, to blast incredibly loud noises at drivers as they speed past construction sites. This is definitely, definitely going to go over well.

This is either a really good idea, because it will help drivers slow down when lives are at risk, or a really, really terrible idea, because blasting an ear-splitting screech suddenly at the driver of a speeding car is a great way for them to think, carefully and with caution, that maybe this is a good time to slow down, maintain car control, and not suddenly veer first to the left, and then wildly over to the right, in a desperate attempt to preserve what little hearing they have left, hoping against hope that they will one day hear the beautiful strings of Beethoven’s 3rd symphony again, while they plow directly into the construction zone.

While MODOT is spending taxpayer money on sonic weapons, the Missouri Legislature is actually trying to get a one cent sales tax on the 2014 ballot, because MODOT needs more money, or something.

So, we have money for LRADs, but not bridges?  Is that what we’re being sold?

You know what might make people slow down in work zones?

 A fake cop car.

Sounds like a good project for the prison sheet metal shop.