Big news today regarding the fight to burden future Missouri taxpayers with higher taxes while increasing the number of people in the state using the emergency room as a doctor’s office, aka expanding Medicaid.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce hired a ringer:

Former U.S. Sen. Kit Bond has been hired by a state business association to lobby his fellow Republicans in the state Legislature in support of a Medicaid expansion.

Bond’s lobbying firm is being paid by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Chamber President Dan Mehan says the group hopes to capitalize on Bond’s reputation and political connections to persuade reluctant Republican lawmakers that Medicaid expansion is a good idea.

Persuade reluctant Republican lawmakers that might be listening to people like this guy:

The only thing that's changed in the past four years is Bond is now a lobbyist.

The only thing that’s changed in the past four years is Bond is now a lobbyist.

Four-term Sen. Kit Bond tells Newsmax that passage of President Obama and the Democrats’ healthcare reform bill sets the stage for turning the U.S. into a socialist country.

The Missouri Republican, who served two terms as governor of his state, also says the financial burden that the bill places on states by expanding Medicaid will be “horrific.”

That’s just Newsmax taking a quote out of context, right?

Not so much:

“The burdens on the state are horrific. I think in my state of Missouri, the estimates were $200 to $300 million more in Medicaid expenses.

“Most state budgets are strapped. States are fighting hard to deal with the budget shortfalls they have, and that Medicaid burden is another pail of water on drowning state budgets.”

But now that Bond’s lobbying firm is getting paid to pimp for the Chamber of Commerce, it’s a pretty good idea, or something.


Jim Hoft found the video of the interview: