Opportunistic radical groups from across the country are flocking to Ferguson, Missouri to take advantage of the death of Michael Brown, a young black male shot by local police.

One of the first to arrive in town were communists from Chicago.

Pay attention to the video and the speaker.  Here’s a screen capture.


Now check this out:


That’s Gregory “Joey” Johnson, professional Communist and wanna be revolutionary.

Here he is singing a song:

NSFW Language

Need more proof he’s the one calling the cops “pigs?”

Watch this video.  Skip ahead to 5:20 and you’ll see him leading the group in that stupid, “When the revolution comes…” song:

Screencap goodness:


Here’s another shot of Johnson in Ferguson, with a bunch of his commie friends:


They’re members of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

The party’s stated purpose is to lead the masses of people in making a revolution in the United States as part of revolutionary struggles worldwide, with the ultimate goal of communism—a classless world where exploitation, oppression, and all destructive divisions among people are eliminated and all people would be free to work together to build a global society for the benefit of humanity.

Johnson was agitating down in Florida during the Trayvon Martin brouhaha:

Dude, you really needs a new shirt.

Dude, you really need a new shirt.

Representatives of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA were on scene at a rally Monday to honor slain 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

On the ground before them laid a giant banner that read: “17 Afghans, Trayvon Martin murdered: The System of Capitalism-Imperialism set these crimes in motion.”

“There’s an underlying economic system that we live under,” Joey Johnson, member of the Communist Party and writer for the Revolution newspaper, told The Daily Caller. “Fundamentally, what exists in the United States is not democracy, but capitalism and imperialism and the political structures to enforce that capitalism and imperialism. It’s a modern day version of the haves and have-nots, the many being exploited by the few.”

“It’s the stuff that ‘Occupy’ has been talking about, the one percent, the big finance capitalists who exploit people all over the planet,” he added. “What we’re trying to do is bring out the reality of that and connect it with the murder of Trayvon Martin.”

That’s right. It wasn’t George Zimmerman that killed Trayvon, just like it wasn’t the Ferguson police that killed Mike Brown.

It was capitalism.

And this is just one of the radicals that have tried to leverage Ferguson to benefit their agenda.

Here’s what they wrote in their propaganda magazine “Revolution”:

This is no time to “calm down.” It is time to step up the struggle.

The murdering cop must be named, indicted, and put in prison!

This has to end now.

Fight the power, and transform the people, for revolution!

Is it any wonder the riots continue despite a change in who is handling things on the ground in Ferguson?


Video from August 19, 2014 in Ferguson:

The local protestors have had enough of his nonsense.