Gov. Jay Nixon was in Kansas City today to help celebrate the opening of FreightQuote, a business that moved from Kansas City, Kansas, to Kansas City, Missouri.


I know.

So what gives?


both Freightquote ($60-plus million) and Applebee’s ($10-plus million) were promised massive tax incentive packages to get them to move into Missouri.

So, let me get this straight. Gov. Jay Nixon vetoes the first income tax cut in nearly 100 years, and then goes to a ribbon cutting for a business brought to Missouri because it would pay less taxes.

And he did it with a straight face:

Tax cuts should be pursued on a “specific project-by-project basis,” he said. “We need to come at this in an overall thoughtful way, not just throw darts.”

He then rejected tax cuts for all Missouri residents, or what he called an “across the board tax experiment.”

So, the government should decide who the winners and losers should be. (Tweet this.)

That’s what Nixon is suggesting. The government can plan the economy. We shouldn’t create a system where everyone thrives.

We need a system where government decides who gets tax breaks.

Gov. Nixon is advocating a centrally planned economy.