When I started setting up The Torch, I did a lot of research on what left leaning sites were focusing on Missouri. The bulk of the links I reviewed I found at the official website of the Missouri Democratic Party.

What I didn’t expect to find was a website selling me on the theraputic effects of Japanese massage aromatherapy, but that’s exactly what I found when I went to the link posted on the Missouri Democratic Party’s website for the Missouri House Democrats.

Seriously, see for yourself.

First, open this link in another tab or window.

Now, under “Meet the Party,” click on “About,” as shown below.


Now, on the page are a list of links, all going to various supporters of the Democrat Party.

Number two on the list is the Missouri House Democrats.


Go ahead and open it.  This is what I found:


I was initially confused and thought they just linked to the wrong page.

Nope.  Look at the URL.  This is www.missourihousedems.org.

So I translated the page from Japanese to English:


“Effect of Aromatherapy Massage.”

This is the translated website for the Missouri House Democrats. I can only assume it’s brainstorming for some new Obamacare health care mandates.

But what do I know. Ask them yourself.

Click here to send a tweet to them asking why their website promotes Japanese aromatherapy massage.


Linked at Gateway Pundit. Thanks, Jim!

Update 2:

Looks like they took the link down from the Missouri Democratic Party website, but it still leads to the same site.