I attended an event in St. Joesph held by the Northwest Missouri Republican Club.  The event featured a speech by Republican State Senator Brad Lager, who is entering his final year in the Senate.

During his speech, Lager told the group about something that occurred during the last session that he’d never seen before.

Here’s that section of his speech:

One of the senators mentioned, Sen. Dr. Rob Schaaf, said the President Pro-Tem of the Senate, Sen. Tom Dempsey, told him there would be repercussions for killing the tax bill.

Sen. Dr. Rob Shaaf, claims Sen. Dempsey removed him from a committee for opposing tax bill.

Sen. Dr. Rob Schaaf, claims Sen. Dempsey punished him for opposing tax bill.

“He unexpectedly and summarily removed me from the Board of Directors of the Missouri Technology Corporation,” Schaaf said. “He did this without discussing it with me in advance. This is an example of the lack of respect for fellow Republicans about which Senator Lager spoke.”

Schaaf continued, “This was not the first punishment I received for killing bad bills, and it will likely not be the last.”

The troubling thing to both Lager and Schaaf is Republicans are now being punished for opposing tax increases.

Sens. Lamping and Emery both said they hadn’t experienced anything they’d characterize as repercussions associated with filibustering the tax bill.

“In the last forty-eight hours, there were a lot of members that killed a lot of bills, myself included,” Lager said, “but, for some reason, the only members that are being shunned, or punished or put down upon, are the members who killed this massive tax increase.”

The transportation tax bill would have raised an estimated $8 billion over ten years.

As of this writing, Sen. Tom Dempsey has not responded to my request for a comment.