For the left, Rep. Todd Akin is a brush they can grab at any moment in order to paint the entire Republican Party as “anti-woman.”

WillyK at Show-Me Progress did his best to work him into the conversation, calling Rep. Ann Wagner “a smoother, smarter Todd Akin.”

The article is mainly speculation on how Wagner will vote in an attempt to get an audience that already hates Wagner to hate her more.

But that’s not what caught my eye in the piece.

This was:

The intellectual level underlying this proposed legislation is suggested by the statement of its main sponsor, Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) who initially refused even to include an exception for victims of rape or incest, declaring that “the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low.”

A Todd Akin moment? The House leaders must have thought so since a provision for the exception was added and a woman, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), was trotted out to manage the bill on the floor – and presumably to ameliorate the damage done by Frank’s gaffe. The hope seems to be that the female public will only notice Blackburn’s gender, not her strident anti-choice, anti-woman positions. And, indeed, she has refined the rhetoric, declaring that: “we are incredibly concerned about the well-being, safety, the health of these women. The life of women. And these babies. That is why we are doing this.”

“A woman…was ‘trotted out?'”

Trotted out?  Like a horse or a piece of livestock?

Like an animal that doesn’t have the ability to think for itself?

WillyK shows a contempt here that needs highlighting.

In WillyK’s opinion, Blackburn was told by her superiors to go out and use her lady parts to save the bill, and she just nodded along and did what she was told, presumably because she was “a woman.”

It’s not that Blackburn is stridently pro-life and volunteered for the job.  It’s not that Blackburn is an intelligent and capable legislator who felt passionately about the bill.

Nope.  She was “trotted out.”

That’s sexist, my friends.  And the editor’s of Show-Me Progress endorse it by letting it be published.