I was just on Tuffy Gessling’s Facebook page.  It’s being reported that Tuffy was the rodeo clown wearing the Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair.

On the “About” page, you can see he’s liked the Facebook page “Support Tuffy Gessling, Professional Rodeo Entertainer.

So have over 16,000 people:



Let’s go ahead and make that 16,241.

Too late.  It’s already 16,262.

There’s a call for solidarity across the rodeo clown world and have thousands of Obama masks in the rodeo arena Labor Day weekend.

That would be an incredible show of support and resistance.


Fifteen minutes later, it’s up another 200+ Likes.

After reading the page, they had 4,000 Likes in five hours, 6,000 in six.  They keep adding a link to the Missouri State Fair Facebook page, but the Fair keeps deleting it.


Linked at Gateway Pundit! Thanks, Jim.

By the way, the Facebook page is over 30,000 Likes now. Wow!