In the October 12 article, “Nightmare in Maryville: Teens’ sexual encounter ignites a firestorm against family,” Kansas City Star reporter Dugan Arnett told the story of Melinda Coleman. According to the article, Coleman’s daughter Daisy was raped at the hands of Matt Barnett, grandson of Rex Barnett, an influential Republican and former state legislator.

Allegedly, because of that political power, not only were the charges against Barnett dropped, but the Colemans were targeted and harassed. The article also suggests Melinda was fired from her job at Southpaws Vet Clinic because she dared to cross the Barnetts.

However, according to Dr. Sally Hayse, part of the story has been omitted.

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Sally Hayse, she said Melinda Coleman wasn’t a full time employee of Southpaws. She’d only worked there a total of three half days, for a total of 5 1/2 hours.

“We were trying her out as a part time employee,” Hayse said, “I was thinking about hiring her because I knew her on a friendly basis.”

According to records obtained by The Torch, Coleman was scheduled to work on January 3, January 5 and January 6, all half days.

Here are exclusive photos of Hayse’s 2012 calendar, showing the days Coleman worked at the clinic.  The black boxes are to protect the names of the clinic’s customers:



After that, she’s not on the schedule again. Her name is at the top, like above, but her days are “X”ed out. After two weeks pass, her name is whited out.

According to Hayse, Coleman’s last day was the 6th. Matt Barnett allegedly raped Coleman’s daughter on the 7th.

Hayse also said people should know Coleman was working full time at another nearby vet clinic in Savannah.

“She still had a job to go to. It wasn’t like I left her out in the cold without any employment.”

Calls to that clinic confirmed Coleman was working there at the time Hayse said.

As to why Coleman was let go, Hayse said she was initially hesitant to say why.[pull]”I think it’s time to start setting the record straight.” – Dr. Sally Hayse[/pull]

“I told [Dugan Arnett] that I did not want to malign Melinda Coleman professionally. Well, after this is all blown out of control, I find she’s not shown the rest of us the same respect. In light of that, I think it’s time to start setting the record straight.”

Hayse said Coleman was late for her first day and missed her first appointment, which Hayse said she had to come out of surgery and cover for her.

She was also late for her second day and spent part of her third day in the clinic’s front room with a friend. Hayse says she was late for work that day also.

“Unfortunately, during the time she was working in here, her professional style and skill did not match up for what we were looking for or standard of care. She absolutely did not fit in with our current team members and in a nutshell, that’s why she was not asked to come back.”

Hayse said she was disappointed to the point of tears.

“It was a great disappointment, so much so that on that Friday, after work, I went home,and I’m not a crier, but I bawled because I was so looking forward to having somebody come in and help us out in the clinic and I was so disappointed in her performance.”

Hayse said Coleman’s stint at the clinic was so brief, she never even filled out a W2. Hayse said for her work, she was given a generous “donation.”

“If you call $1,000 for five and a half hours of work ‘unfair,’ then uh, that’s a pretty good wage,” Hayse claimed. “I did that because I did feel for her and I was trying to be supportive of her. And I did feel bad that she wasn’t going to fit in here, but I could not have her continue to work here in the interest of our standards of client patient care.”

After those three days, Hayse says Coleman didn’t return to work at Southpaws. She said she believes the only time Coleman stepped inside the clinic after those three days was to come in and secretly record her.

“She was never scheduled to come back in to work, number one, and number two, when it did come to the point where she did ask ask if, I guess she was planning to come into work, now indeed that is when I told her “I’m sorry, I made the decision on your last day of work that this just wasn’t going to work out. So I can understand how that looks.”

Despite several attempts, I was unable to reach Melinda Coleman for comment. If that changes, I will update this post.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview with Dr. Hayse here: