Tony Messenger Attacks Grow Missouri, Lays Waste to Logic Instead

Liberals like Messenger have a genetic aversion to facts and logic.
By |August 16th, 2013|TMT|

Petition: Tell Gov. Nixon to Sell Missouri’s New Airplane on eBay – UPDATED

If we can't let kids go to med school, then we can't afford Gov. Nixon's fancy plane.
By |August 14th, 2013|TMT|

Missouri Liberals Put Disgust for State on Full Display

To put it plain and simple, Messenger and Shelly think they're better than you. After all, they're sophisticated liberals. You? You're someone to be held in contempt, convicted of thought crimes foisted upon you by your betters.
By |August 13th, 2013|TMT|

GUEST POST: Rep. Paul Curtman Reviews the Downsizing State Government Committee Tour

"I was extremely encouraged by the degree of public participation on this tour."
By |August 12th, 2013|TMT|

Miracle: Mysterious Priest Appears At Horrible Accident, Prays and Disappears; Appears In None of The 80 Photos of Accident

Also, the rescue workers were having trouble with their equipment. After the prayer, they weren't.
By |August 9th, 2013|TMT|

Carl Bearden Discusses “Nixon’s Deceptions,” United for Missouri’s Latest Ad

I was able to catch Carl Bearden at the Annual ALEC get together in Chicago and talked him into answering a few questions about United for Missouri’s latest ad, “Nixon’s Deceptions.”

Here’s the interview:

By |August 8th, 2013|TMT|

United for Missouri Releases Video Listing Nixon’s Deceptions and Failures in Leadership

"The Governor’s track record of claiming to know what is going on in his administration is pretty dismal."
By |August 7th, 2013|TMT|

MO still forbids free health care from outside the state

Missouri-licensed health workers can volunteer in free clinics, and the attorney general provides legal representation in the event of a malpractice claim. But even with the free clinics, there is still a massive need for medical services that goes unmet.
By |August 6th, 2013|TMT|

Nearly 1,400 MO HealthNet Clients Have Private Info Sent to Wrong Address…For Two Years!

We were only paying $407 million for Infocrossing to handle the data. Privacy protection must have been in the $408 million plan.
By |August 6th, 2013|TMT|

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Nixon-Kennedy Debate – 2013 Edition

I made this video because I was irritated by tGov. Jay Nixon's assertion that lowering taxes in order to increase revenues was a risky "experiment." John F. Kennedy doesn't agree.
By |August 2nd, 2013|TMT|