Rep. Stacey Newman’s Latest Idiotic Gun Confiscation Bill Would Do Nothing, Solve Nothing

Anti-gun zealot Democratic State Rep. Stacey Newman’s bill would not only prohibit gun ownership by convicted stalkers and people convicted of domestic violence, it would mandate confiscation of any weapons they already own.

It’s everything you thought it would be.

To give you an example of what we are dealing with here when it comes to Newman, […]

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St. Louis Gun Dealers “Selling Everything That’s Not Nailed Down”

Gun dealers in the St. Louis area are doing booming business while the region awaits the verdict from the grand jury looking into the shooting death of Mike Brown:

Metro Shooting Supplies, in an area near the city’s main airport, reports selling two to three times more weapons than usual in recent weeks — an average […]

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Missouri Democrats Trust A Convicted Drug User and A Violent Former Gang Member With Guns More Than Hard Working Teachers

The left in Missouri is apoplectic over the veto override of SB 656.  One Democratic legislator, convicted drug user Rep. Jeremy LaFaver, told The Missouri Times he was worried about guns in the classroom:
“The bill highlights the GOP’s hypocrisy,” Rep. Jeremy LaFaver (D-Kansas City) said. “They love big government when it means telling local governments […]

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How the Second Amendment Kept One North County Business from Being Looted Last Night

Last night, looters pretty much had their way with Ferguson.

Except for St. Louis Ink Tattoo Studio, where Mike Gutierrez and a few of his friends exercised their Second Amendment rights and turned the crowd away.

From the River Front Times:

The inside scoop on one heavily fortified St. Louis store NOT looted last night:

— […]

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Clear Anti-Gun Bias Shown in Kansas City Star Headline on Teacher’s Getting Range Training

On Friday, the Kansas City Star published a story on teachers in West Plains, Missouri attending range training. I didn’t see the story until today, but something stood out to me.

The headline:

Amid an epidemic of school shootings, some teachers are being trained to shoot back

See anything wrong with that?

You might miss it at first. […]

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Liberals Hyperventilating Over MO Teachers Carrying Concealed Weapons in Schools, Ignore Real Danger

Missouri liberals are apoplectic over the idea that some teachers and administrators actually having the ability to defend themselves in case a deranged nutjob decides to shoot up a school.

This one I thought was going to break Twitter with her outrage:
#moleg voted to let your kid’s teacher carry a gun in class & PREVENT parents […]

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Second Amendment Rally Scheduled for September 11th on State Capitol Front Lawn

Speakers start at 9 am.
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NULLIFICATION: Missouri Legislature Passes Bill Declaring All Federal Gun Regulations Unenforceable

The Missouri Republicans in the House and Senate sent a clear message to DC regarding what they can do with their anti-gun agenda.
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