St. Louis Mayor Says Hardee’s Looking to Move HQ to Right to Work State, But Is There More to This?

Hardee’s is looking to move its headquarters out of St. Louis. The company’s lease is up in a couple years and they are already talking about pulling up stakes.

Mayor Francis Slay thinks he knows why.

“I know for sure he’s looking for states that don’t have an income tax,” Slay says, “and he’s […]

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People Are Leaving Missouri And They’re Taking Millions of Dollars With Them


Post by Peter Kinder.

When I was on the Dana Show Thursday, I was fully prepared to discuss why passing HB 253 was so important. Since the topic never came up, and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder made a similar point with the above Facebook status update, I’ll make my points here.

People aren’t the only thing […]

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Nixon Spokesman Spews Misinformation on Tax Differences Between Texas and Missouri

Nixon press secretary Scott Holste is quoted at PoliticMo as encouraging Gov. Rick Perry to buy something while he’s in Missouri because our sales tax is lower.

He said:
While he is here, Gov. Perry may want to go shopping, as Missouri’s sales tax rate is a full two percentage points lower than Texas’. We also have […]

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Nixon’s Political Game Playing Results in Eight New MU Med Students Losing Their Spots

Missouri politics costs more than dollars and cents. For some, it could cost their dream of becoming a doctor.
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Hardly News: Mish-Mash of Leftists, Labor Unions and Social Justice Organizations Oppose Missouri Tax Cuts

Some folks, you just can't reach...
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Nixon Goes On Offense Against Tax Cuts, Fears Republicans Might Override His Veto

"The Democratic governor said lawmakers can either support the tax cut or higher education, but not both." Really? Let's test that premise.
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An Interesting, and Sad, Twist on Missouri Fee Increases

...the conservative Missouri legislature could end up taking more money out of the taxpayer's wallets than when the year started.
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